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Treasurer Division

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Welcome to the Summit County Fiscal Office Treasurer Division.

The Treasurer Division of the Fiscal Office is responsible for the collecting of Real Estate Taxes on all properties in Summit County. They mail real estate tax bills semiannually. There are 74 tax districts with approximately 270,000 tax bills mailed each collection.

The two most noted and largest dollar amounts collected come from real estate and personal property taxes. Other taxes collected are mobile home taxes, inheritance, hotel-motel and special assessments.

The Treasurer is the chief investment officer of the county responsible for the management of more than $1 billion in revenue annually. Safety, liquidity and earning a market rate of return on the county's money are primary responsibilities of the Treasurer. Read about the Summit County Fiscal Office Investment Policy that guides our Treasurer Division.

The Treasurer is also the cash manager for the county, acting much like a banker. As cash manager, the Fiscal Officer's Treasurer Division collects all payments received by the county. They deposit all of this revenue into the county’s account. County expenses are paid for by warrants issued by the Auditor Division Accounting Department– the Treasurer Division redeems the warrants when they are returned through the banking system. The Treasurer Division keeps track of the balances of transactions and balances daily with the Auditor Division.

Real Property tax is one of the oldest taxes in the State of Ohio. Tax rates vary between tax districts depending on all levies approved either by legislative authority or by the voters in the district. Ohio law limits local government authority to assess property taxes by creating the 10 mill limitation.

    County treasurers serve as the county banker, safekeeper of all taxes and investor of local funds. Other responsibilities include:
  • Safekeeping of taxes collected in taxing districts such as schools, cities, townships and villages.
  • Investment of undisbursed funds to earn revenue for the general operating fund.
  • Service on the County Investment Board to provide financial data, investment instruments, financial forecasting, and current and future interest rate schedules.
  • Oversight of complaints from property owners who feel their property taxes are too high.
  • Approval of spending levies for schools, cities, townships and villages.

Treasurer Division


Monday thru Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Ohio Building
Treasurer Division
175 S. Main St., 3rd Floor
Akron, OH 44308