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Recording Process

In order for the Recorder Division to expedite the document process, we invite you to review our Real Estate Recording Guide prior to submission. Below are listed steps for recording a document in Summit County.

  • Prepare documents legibly according to statutory requirements and standardization.
  • Properly title, date and execute the document including typed names and titles beneath all signatures. Make sure each name and signature is consistent throughout the document.
  • Properly witness and/or acknowledge all documents according to the laws of the State of Ohio, including a complete and legible notary seal and expiration date.
  • Include the complete legal description of the property with all initial recordings and on subsequent recordings where required by state statute.
  • Properly reference previously recorded documents when submitting subsequent related documents for recording.  This may include document numbers, book and page numbers and recording dates.
  • Include the name and address of who prepared the documents and the address of where the documents are to be returned.  Include a phone number because some jurisdictions will call if a minor and correctable problem is noticed.
  • Identify schedules and exhibits clearly and number each page so the jurisdiction knows they belong with the document to be filed.
  • Include applicable taxes and be sure to issue a separate check for recording fees.
  • Include a self addressed stamped envelope to ensure return of the document.
  • Check your work and issue separate checks for extra fees to ensure proper processing of a document and to avoid rejection at the recording office.

Recording Division



Monday thru Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Ohio Building
Recording Division
175 S. Main St., 4th Floor
Akron, OH 44308