Tax Bill Explanation

Your tax bill at a glance is provided as a public service by your Summit County Fiscal Officer Kristen M. Scalise CPA, CFE. Move your mouse pointer over each pink highlighted area of the tax bill for a more detailed explanation.

Parcel Number

A unique number permanently assigned to your property. The first two digits represent the taxing district. Please refer to this number when possible.
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Stub Number

An assigned number when the tax bill was printed.
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Real Estate Taxes For

Tax collection cycle. In the State of Ohio, real estate taxes are billed for the prior year.
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Mailing Address

Legal owner's name.
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Tax District and Description

  • Political Subdivision and School District
  • Abbreviated property legal description
  • Legal name(s)
  • Property address

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    Tax Rate

    The tax rate is calculated by the State of Ohio and comprised of levies voted in by your district. This explains where your tax dollars are distributed.
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    Summary of Charges

  • REDUCTION FACTOR - The percentage reduction in each real property tax levy of each taxing unit for each class of real property for which a reduction is required.
  • NON BUSINESS CREDIT - Grants a rollback on the residential class of property and most agriculture properties.
  • OWNER OCCUPANCY CREDIT - A 2.5% reduction in property taxes, for homeowners.
  • HOMESTEAD REDUCTION - Senior citizens over the age of 65 and/or a disabled taxpayer may qualify to receive this reduction. You can call our office at 330-643-2661.
  • CURRENT NET TAXES - The amount of current real estate taxes owed after reductions.
  • CURRENT ASSESSMENTS - Akron residents should call 330-375-2484; all others should contact the Summit County fiscal office at 330-643-2645.

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    Due Date

    Closing date for payment of taxes in order to avoid any statutory penalty for nonpayment.
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