Weights and Measures



Fiscal Officer Kristen M. Scalise CPA, CFE is dedicated to protecting consumers and maintaining fairness in the marketplace. As the sealer of weights and measures, she ensures consumers in Summit County get what they pay for.

Most items are sold by weight, volume, length, count or measure: a dozen cookies, a yard of cloth, a gallon of milk, 30 minutes of drying time at the laundromat, or 10 minutes of vacuum time at the car wash. The Weights and Measures Division of the Fiscal Office tests the accuracy of devices used in these transactions including scales, gas pumps, scanning systems, timing meters and platform scales. They also inspect packaged goods to determine the accuracy of count and weight, and examine the method of sale on items such as firewood.

Fuel quality testing is also regulated through the Weights and Measures Division of the Fiscal Office. Summit County is the only county in the state of Ohio to perform fuel quality testing and enforce it through their county charter. Inspectors test for octane levels, water and sediment by using tools and methods such as the Scully Water Detection Device, Stick and Paste, Bacon Bomb and Zeltex Octane Analyzer. They look for accuracy of price per gallon, quality and quantity delivered. Fuel quality testing is performed biannually at approximately 178 fuel stations in Summit County.

Fiscal Officer Scalise advises consumers to be aware of the following issues in the marketplace:

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