No skimmers found in Summit County during statewide ‘sweep’

Monday, 19 September 2016
Contact: Sarah Hegnauer
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Summit County Fiscal Officer Kristen M. Scalise CPA, CFE is pleased to announce that no illegal credit card skimming devices were found in Summit County during a recent statewide “Skimmer Sweep”. The sweep was hosted over Labor Day Weekend by Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith, Fiscal Officer Scalise, and more than 60 other Ohio county auditors.

The Fiscal Office’s Weights and Measures staff inspected 490 pumps at 45 stations in Summit County. No credit card skimmers were found.

“Our Weights and Measures inspectors work hard to ensure consumers in Summit County make safe purchases. Although no skimmers were found during the sweep, we will continue to be proactive in addressing this issue.” said Scalise.

Keith coordinated the strategic Skimmer Sweep effort as co-chair of the County Auditors Association of Ohio (CAAO) weights and measures committee. The auditors have been planning the sweep for more than three months.

“The Skimmer Sweep was a tremendous success,” said Keith. “I thank Fiscal Officer Scalise for her leadership and dedication to protecting consumers.”

Summit County was among 52 Ohio counties to submit a clean report. Two skimmers were found in Erie County and one skimmer was found in each of Fulton, Sandusky and Greene counties. Inspectors notified law enforcement of the findings and the devices were turned over for investigation.

Consumers should know that paying for gas with cash is always the safest option at the pump. Using a credit card is safer than using a debit card, because customers who use their debit cards risk their PIN numbers being stolen. Monthly bank and credit card statements should always be reviewed for any fraudulent charges. Motorists should use pumps near the attendant, as criminals often target pumps further from view. Anything that seems out of place or indicates that a pump has been tampered with should be reported.