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Home News Register dogs at Acme Fresh Markets prior to deadline

Register dogs at Acme Fresh Markets prior to deadline

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Summit County Executive Russ Pry and Fiscal Officer Kristen M. Scalise CPA, CFE will be registering dogs at participating Acme Fresh Markets on Saturday, January 26th between the hours of 10am and 2pm. The deadline to purchase or renew your dog’s registration is January 31, 2013.

Registration Locations

On Saturday, January 26th dog owners can conveniently purchase a dog license at the following Acme Fresh Markets:

  • Acme No. 1, 1835 W. Market St., Akron
  • Acme No. 2, 2420 Wedgewood Dr., Akron
  • Acme No. 14, 3235 Manchester Rd., Akron
  • Acme No. 17, 4445 Kent Rd., Stow


Dog licenses can also be purchased by mail, online or at participating locations throughout Summit County. Visit the Summit County Fiscal Office website to find a location near you.

A dog license will protect your pet

For many of us, our pets are our family – we can’t imagine not seeing them every day. But what happens when your pet gets lost, stolen or runs away? Registering your pet can help in these situations.

  • Strangers who find your lost dog will know that it has an owner because it’s wearing a dog license. This increases the odds of your dog being returned quickly and safely to you.
  • When your dog has its license attached to its collar, the assigned license number can be used by the Fiscal Office to identify its owner.
  • In the instance that Summit County Animal Control finds your pet, dogs displaying a license will be held for 14 days rather than the standard 3 days.


Plus, it’s the law

Every person who owns, keeps or harbors a dog more than three months of age shall file an application for registration. Registration must be done within 30 days of acquiring a new dog. Dog licenses cost $14 per dog, annually.

Dog registrations must be renewed annually, December 1st through January 31st. Failure to renew a license during this time will result in a $14 late fee, per dog. If your dog is already licensed, a renewal application will already be mailed to you from the Fiscal Office.

Kristen’s Kanine Search

Fiscal Officer Kristen M. Scalise CPA, CFE offers an online tool for the public to search for and identify dogs. Kristen’s Kanine Search is a user-friendly database that lists every registered dog and dog owner in Summit County. The database can be sorted by: license number, owner’s name, street, city, zip code or breed/description of the dog.


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