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Fuel Quality Testing Procedure (2.68 MB)

As your Fiscal Officer, it is my priority to protect the consumers of Summit County. Our Services Division oversees weights and measures testing. Inspectors test the accuracy of measuring devices throughout the county, including fuel pumps. In 2004 we enhanced this program to incorporate fuel quality testing and became the first county in the state of Ohio to implement a program of its kind.

The Fuel Quality Testing Program evaluates the octane levels, water and sediment in gasoline and diesel to ensure there is no contamination. Testing takes place at more than 170 filling stations in Summit County. Inspectors use tools such as the Scully Water Detection Device to test for water, Bacon Bomb to determine irregularities, and a Zeltex Octane Analyzer to measure octane levels.

This program has proven to be effective in providing valuable consumer protection. Upon implementation, inspectors determined that nearly 11% of filling stations had water in their gas or diesel storage tanks. Another 15% presented inaccurate octane ratings. Today, thanks to the success of our Fuel Quality Testing Program, we can ensure that all fuel sold in Summit County is safe for your vehicle and that fuel pumps deliver accurate amounts.

I am proud that our office provides outstanding accuracy and fairness in the marketplace. We continually meet and exceed the standards set by the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM).