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Vacant, Abandoned and Nuisance Property Field Check

**Please contact your local municipality for high grass or nuisance complaints**

Fiscal Officer Kristen M. Scalise CPA, CFE recognizes that vacant and abandoned homes are becoming far too commonplace in our neighborhoods and society.  These properties foster crime, public nuisances, vandalism and deteriorated property values.

The outreach program was designed to help our office identify and verify abandoned and vacant properties throughout Summit County.

By submitting an address of possible vacant or abandoned properties in your neighborhood you can assist the Fiscal Office in compiling a database that will provide valuable information appraisers can utilize to determine the level of impact on property values and stabilization factors of a neighborhood.

If you believe a property is abandoned or vacant in your neighborhood, complete the Vacant or Abandoned Field Check E-Form.

In the event safety or health issues are determined, the appropriate agencies will be contacted.

Our Property Tax & Appraisal Search can help locate the correct information to submit a Vacant, Abandoned and Nuisance Property Field Check

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