Professional Finder Guidelines


The service of a professional finder is not required for submitting a claim. Owners of unclaimed funds can file a claim on their own, without the assistance of a paid professional or third party.

In order to allow owners of unclaimed funds time to file a claim on their own, professional finders are not permitted to initiate any contact with an owner until the funds have been filed with the Summit County Fiscal Office for more than two years.

Pursuant to Chapter 779 of the Codified Ordinance of the County of Summit, finders must hold a current certificate of registration issued by the Ohio Department of Commerce in order to do business as a finder of unclaimed funds in Summit County. Additionally, a finder must also operate under a valid finder’s agreement. A valid finder’s agreement must contain the following:

Once an agreement between the finder and owner of unclaimed funds has been filed with our office, we will review it, along with the claim and accompanying documentation, to determine that it meets all requirements of the law. If the agreement is determined to be valid, the claim will be processed within 90 days.

In accordance with the Codified Ordinances of the County of Summit, unclaimed fund money is returned directly to the owner. It is the owner’s responsibility to pay the finder.

Please note that the Unclaimed Funds Application has changed. Our office will not accept the application used prior to September 8, 2014.

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A claimant may file a claim WITHOUT the assistance of a paid professional finder.
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The Summit County Fiscal Office serves as trustee of the county's unclaimed funds...
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To obtain an application for finder certification, click here.