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Professional Finder Guidelines

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A claim form must be completed and signed by both the owner of the funds and the claimant. The claimant’s signature must be notarized.

An original, notarized Power of Attorney (POA) must be attached giving the claimant authorization to claim the funds on behalf of the owner. The owner’s complete name, address, telephone number, and social security number must be present on the POA. The Summit County Fiscal Office reserves the right to directly contact the owner to confirm a POA.

All claims must have a clear photocopy of the owner’s Social Security card, driver’s license or State ID. Submit the original check(s) IF AVAILABLE. If the owner is a business, a copy of a document showing the company name and Tax ID number is required along with documentation proving the individual signing the form is an authorized agent of said business.

If the owner is incapacitated, proper documentation from the Court to show a guardianship, custodial, or Power of Attorney relationship, and a court order, or permission from the guardian or custodian is required.

If the owner is deceased, a copy of the death certificate and letter of authority naming the executor of the estate is required. We will not pay a claim based solely upon a will or death certificate.

If the funds are from a lost heir account, the claim does not come to this office. You will need to contact the Summit County Probate Court at 330-643-2350.

Once the claim form is received in our office, processing takes approximately 90 business days. Many claims require authorization to pay from the originating agency; this may take a little longer. Checks will be issued and mailed separately to both the owner of the funds and to the professional finder per the contract agreement. The finder must provide their federal identification number to this office.

Our unclaimed funds listing is not available in any format other than the web or hard copy. All the information we have on file is posted on our website. If you require additional information, such as last known address, you will need to submit your request in writing being sure to separate each agency code (CLRK, CNTY, CRNR, CSEA, DFND, PROB and SHER) with specific name, warrant number, warrant date and warrant amount.Once your request is received, it will be forwarded on to the appropriate agency.It will then be that agency's responsibility to fill your request.We are not required by law to provide you information that is not readily accessible, nor are we required to write customized reports to fill your needs.