Recording Functions

The Recorder Division was established to process and preserve documents relating to real estate. This includes not only the sale, lease or transfer of property, but also encumbrances such as mortgages and liens that would affect the title to a property. Other documents recorded and maintained by the office include partnerships, zoning amendments, military discharge papers, living wills and medical powers of attorney.

Our office must implement more than 1000 sections of state law pertaining to the duties of the Recording Division and the fees we must collect are set in accordance with Ohio Revised Code ยง 317.32.

One of many important features is to index each document so it is readily located. All records, except military documents are available for viewing by the public and basic copies can be made for $2 per page and $1 for certification. You may also request copies by mail. When requesting copies by mail, enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.