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Home Recording/Property Transfer

Recorded Documents

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Disclaimer: The Summit County Fiscal Office Recording Department makes every effort to update this information on a daily basis. The Recording Department makes no expressed or implied warranty concerning the accuracy of this information, because property information is continually changing. Changes may be made at any time and without notice. The Summit County Fiscal Office Recording Department assumes no liability for damages, directly or indirectly, as a result of errors, omissions or possible discrepancies with regard to this information including, but not limited to indexing on title searches.

By accessing this database, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the County of Summit, the Fiscal Office Recording Department and its employees from all claims, demands, actions, cause of action, suits, damage, costs, injuries, fees, attorney fees and liability, as may be occasioned by the inclusion of inaccurate or incomplete property/financial information in this database.

In an effort to protect the citizens of Summit County, the Recorder Division is currently redacting (editing/revising) personal information from images viewed online. If you should see any personal information on a recorded document please contact our office with book and page/reception number so it can be removed.


Fiscal Officer notifies property owners of Deed Scam - again

The Fiscal Office has announced that many companies are researching public records and writing to homeowners regarding purchasing a certified deed from them. Identified companies include State Record Retrieval Board and Property Transfer Service.

If you get a letter telling you to pay money to obtain a copy of your property deed, don’t pay. You do not have to use a private company to obtain a certified copy of the deed to your home.

You should have received a copy of your original deed shortly after the closing of your home. If you cannot find your deed, our office can provide a copy.

Click here to search Deeds from 1988 forward.

You can also mail a request. The cost of the copy is $4 as required by Ohio Revised Code; add $1.00 if you want the copy certified. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request. For more information call 330-643-2720.


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